Wingwave Coaching

Wingwave Coaching is a neuropsychological coaching concept that combines several effective techniques to achieve immediate, profound and long-lasting changes. This innovative short-term coaching method is the preferred technique for addressing all areas of life that are connected with stressful memories of past experiences and/or unhelpful emotions regarding future events that impact on client’s sense of wellbeing and accomplishment.

The effects of Wingwave Coaching  are measurable and the complete success in dissolving mental blocks is usually achieved within just a few (between one and three) coaching sessions. Because this method is based on scientific research and its effects are very tangible, it has gained significant popularity in other European countries and the USA.

How Does Wingwave Coaching Work?

Wingwave is based on the scientific advancements in understanding of how our brain works and processes information, as well as how the unprocessed experiences continue to influence our wellbeing and performance.

The metaphor hiding behind the name Wingwave comes from Edward N. Lorenz’s theory of chaos which claims that the blink of a butterfly’s wing can generate a hurricane on the other side of the globe. In Wingwave we have a parallel with this theory, as slight impulses generated by eye movements induced during the intervention can significantly move the tide of one’s senses further on, causing a positive change of behaviour.

Unlike other coaching and therapy methods, Wingwave does not require the client to perform an ’emotional striptease’ by discussing or analysing their problems; instead, the negative emotions that need to be targeted by the intervention are detected in an unobtrusive manner using the myostatic test.

Wingwave Coaching helps clients:

  • mentally prepare for peak performance

  • activate personal resources whenever they need them

  • implement changes

  • enhance their abilities and skills

  • dissolve mental blocks that have kept them from being where they want to be

  • overcome personal and professional disappointments and setbacks on the way to their goals

  • transform their limiting thought and behavioural patterns into self-confidence

  • increase their stress resilience, creativity, and overall wellbeing

This method is used by a variety of individuals, including successful executives, managers, creative people and athletes, to maximize their personal and professional performance, and increase their focus and the inner sense of wellbeing.

Clients that have benefited from Wingwave Coaching include Volkswagen, Colgate Palmolive GmbH and several insurance companies and banks in Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland, as well as a number of professional athletes in different sports, such as athletics, martial arts, boxing, football and volleyball.

Wingwave is a trademark method developed in the 1990s by Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund, psychologists and management trainers at the Besser-Siegmund Institute in Hamburg, Germany. This coaching method has been extensively researched at the Hanover Medical School in Germany and is successfully used in Executive Coaching and Sports Performance Coaching in many European countries and the USA.

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