Wellbeing at Work

We’ll work with you to create tailor-made employee wellness programmes, directly improving staff productivity, motivation and retention rates. We ensure tangible results by conducting assessments before the start and after the end of the programme, providing a full report which will help you demonstrate ROI.

Stress amongst employees is one of the biggest contributing factors to a business’ success. High stress levels impact productivity, motivation and staff attrition, which can cost organisations up to £30,000 per employee in recruitment and training. Although many organisations understand the importance of employee wellbeing, creating a workplace where the majority of employees feel an overall sense of wellbeing is an ongoing challenge.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to improving wellness in the workplace, not least because stress-causing factors differ dramatically from person to person and team to team. As a result, each situation must be treated as totally unique and will require different intervention strategies.

We take a bespoke, person-centred approach to all our wellbeing at work programmes.


workplace wellbeing

Our Approach

Our multidisciplinary team of consultants, coaches, lecturers, profilers and therapists, specialise in supporting organisations with health, wellbeing and employee engagement strategies. Using a variety of effective techniques,  we’ll work closely with your employees to dramatically improve workplace wellbeing and drive business performance.

Our wellbeing at work services we offer cover all aspects of wellbeing, from emotional and physical wellness to interpersonal communication, team coherence and leadership.

We evaluate the effectiveness of all our intervention programmes using standardised and validated outcome measurement tools, enabling client organisations to track the return on their investment. Our programmes have been shown to create greater wellbeing and productivity of businesses from a wide range of industries.


workplace stress… Stress Management

Tackle stress in the workplace from all angles with one of our tailor-made stress management programmes. From physical wellbeing interventions to mental health education and stress management training, we offer a number of workshops, classes and courses designed around you. READ MORE…


burnout prevention… Burnout Prevention and Recovery

Stress management skills and early detection of burnout can drastically reduce the likelihood of serious complications for individuals, as well as prevent or minimise prolonged absenteeism and the effect that this has on all team members and organisations as a whole. From employee screening and education, to in-depth assessments and personalised recovery programmes, we provide clients with research-based solutions to burnout-related problems. READ MORE…

dyslexia support

… Dyslexia Support

Having a diagnosis of a specific learning difficulty can be a life changing experience. The negative impact of this can be drastically reduced, if the correct support is provided. This coaching and training programme is designed to help support employees with dyslexia and help their managers understand the strengths and weaknesses of their unique working style. READ MORE…

wellbeing app… Wellbeing Apps

Get support during challenging periods of change, anywhere, at anytime with our research-based online behaviour change programme. We offer a wide range of apps to enhance personal development and improve the overall health and wellbeing of individuals within your organisation.


Wellbeing audit in Brighton and Sussex… Wellbeing Audit

Get a full understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams within your organisation with a Wellbeing Audit. The audit includes an online and on-site evaluation of the working environment, as well as the stress level of individuals and teams with the aim of identifying areas of improvement. We will then produce an evaluation report and recommendations for future steps within your organisation. READ MORE…

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