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Creating a workplace where the majority of employees enjoy high levels of motivation, productivity and wellbeing is an ongoing challenge for all organisations. The answer to this challenge is never a simple one.

There are many sources of stress in a workplace which negatively impact on employees’ performance. Difficult team dynamics, ineffective leadership styles, lack of specific communication skills, unhealthy habits as well as stressful situations employees might experience outside of the workplace are just some of the factors that contribute to poor motivation, lack of concentration, reduced productivity, inter-personal conflicts, mental and physical exhaustion. Similarly, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to improving wellbeing in the workplace – different settings require different interventions.

Improving wellbeing in the workplace is paramount to maximising the productivity of employees. Having happy and healthy employees minimises staff attrition, and the  associated disruption and cost of recruiting and training new employees to replace the ones who leave.

workplace wellbeing

Our Approach

Our multi-disciplinary team of consultants, trainers, coaches, lecturers, profilers, therapists and instructors specialises in supporting organisations with health, wellbeing and employee engagement strategies that positively impact on workplace wellbeing and drive business performance.

The Wellbeing @ Work services we offer cover all different aspects of wellbeing, from emotional and physical wellness to inter-personal communication, team coherence and leadership.

We evaluate the effectiveness of all our intervention programmes using standardised and validated outcome measurement tools, enabling client organizations to track the return on their investment. Our programmes have been shown to create greater wellbeing and productivity of businesses from a wide range of industries.

stress management… Stress Management

We offer a number of workshops, classes and courses designed to tackle stress from all different angles depending on the specific needs of each client organization. Our tailor-made programmes can include a variety of approaches, from physical wellbeing interventions to mental health education and stress management training.  READ MORE…

dyslexia support

… Dyslexia Support

Having a diagnosis of a specific learning difficulty can be a life changing experience, if the correct support is provided. This coaching and training programme is designed to help employees with dyslexia as well as their managers understand the strengths and weaknesses of their unique working style, and devise strategies to utilise their strengths in the most effective way.  READ MORE…

burnout prevention… Burnout Prevention and Recovery

Stress management skills and early detection of burnout can drastically reduce the likelihood of serious side effects and complications for individuals, as well as minimise prolonged absenteeism and the effect that this has on all team members and organisation as a whole. Ranging from employee screening and education about stress, to in-depth assessments and personalised recovery programmes for individuals whose work performance and wellbeing are suffering as a result of burnout, we provide organisations and individuals with research-based solutions to burnout-related problems.

wellbeing app… Wellbeing Apps

Innovative research-based online behaviour change programme, delivered by text and email to help people embrace change. At work. At home. Everywhere. We offer a wide range of apps to enhance personal development and improve overall health and wellbeing of individuals within your organisation.

Wellbeing audit in Brighton and Sussex… Wellbeing Audit

A Wellbeing Audit is the most effective way to understand the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams within an organisation. The audit includes an online and on-site evaluation of the working environment as well as the stress level of individuals and teams with the aim of identifying areas of improvement.  We will then produce an evaluation report and recommendations for future steps within your organisation. READ MORE…

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