Hiring people who have the best professional training, skills and experience does not always translate into having motivated and highly performing employees. Here are three tips that will help you maximise employee performance and get the most out of your team.

Recruit staff wisely

In addition to selecting candidates based on their CV and interview performance, we would recommend psychometric profiling as it really gives you an insight into that person’s strengths and weaknesses and helps you decide whether they would fit into your team, how to manage them most effectively and which job roles would play to their strengths.

Train managers to recognise stress in their teams

Address any stress or difficulties before they escalate and result in lack of motivation, interpersonal conflict, absenteeism or burnout; being able to coach their team members and guide them through difficulties are also key skills for any successful manager.

Identify the most appropriate approach to improving wellbeing in your workplace

Discover what makes your employees tick, what are the areas for improving their quality of life at work: a small investment in wellbeing goes a long way, since happy employees = productive employees.

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