Team Development

Create happy, productive teams who have the power to drive your business forward. Our tailored approach to team development looks at all aspects of team efficiency, building the trust and transparency teams need to be successful.

Team development is an ongoing process that helps to create employees who are all working effectively towards the same goal. It produces team members who not only share expectations for accomplishing group tasks, but trust and support one another and respect each other’s individual differences. All of these elements are crucial for the team, and your business’ success.

There are many factors that contribute to poor motivation, lack of concentration, reduced productivity and mental and physical exhaustion. We focus on building good communication, effective leaders and healthy team dynamics, all of which go a long way to resolving these issues.

team development

Our Approach

Our approach to team development is open and dynamic and includes several effective individual and group coaching methods, personality profiling and team building activities. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach – different situations require different interventions. Our approach is adjusted to specific team needs, which we determine through thorough team and individual evaluations.

Client experience

Our client approached us with a problem we have seen many times before. They had recently promoted a senior member of staff to manage one of their most profitable teams and although the person was fantastic at their job, they were not very well equipped to be a manager. As a result, productivity of the team declined and two employees decided to leave within a short period of time, all which was significantly impacting the business’ success.

We began with psychometric profiling of the whole team, including the manager. Once we had a good idea of the different personalities within the group, we could better guide the manager on how to deal with issues that may arise and how to approach different individuals within their team based on their personality types. We compiled a structured Coaching at Work 1 on 1 training course for the manager and worked closely with them to help them gain the resources they needed to better communicate, delegate, resolve issues and deliver feedback in a constructive way.

We measure the effectiveness of all our team development interventions using standardised and validated outcome measurement tools, enabling client organisations to track and report on their return on investment.


team constellations… Team Constellations

Often the source of the issue within team dynamics is not clear, and a fresh way of working towards organisational effectiveness is required. Team constellations provide a powerful approach to exploring unacknowledged events, patterns and team dynamics. Through facilitated workshops and executive coaching interventions, we work to resolve pressing issues, mental blocks and limiting beliefs, with the aim of improving communication and relations within the team. READ MORE…


personality profiling for team development… Personality (Psychometric) Profiling

Get to the route of the issue quickly and easily with psychometric profiling. We use the DISC personality survey method, which is people-focused and cost effective. Our personality profiling and training service provides Chief Executives, Managing Directors, HR and Recruitment Directors with the skills and solutions to understand themselves and their people and improve the way their teams work together. READ MORE…


coaching… Coaching

Navigate barriers to professional development and create positive, productive teams. Help your employees better manage challenging work roles, projects or situations through bespoke 1-to-1 and team coaching. Coaching through conflict resolution will boost employee engagement, making them more effective in their roles and significantly impacting your bottom line. READ MORE…


Training courses and workshops for business… Training

Sussex Wellbeing Company offers a range of professional training and educational services to help you to create a happy and productive workplace. All courses are delivered by internationally recognised coaches, trainers and speakers, providing cutting-edge training in all aspects of team development.


team building… Team Building

Team building activities can be a powerful way to unite a group, develop strengths, and address weaknesses. It is distinct from team training as it focuses on improving interpersonal relations, which are vital for teams to work together to achieve your business goals.


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