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Tackle stress from all angles with our tailor-made programmes

Reduce employee absences, increase efficiency and productivity and boost the success of your business. Make stress management a priority today.

Get everything you need to create happy, healthy teams with our full-service, results-driven approach to workplace wellbeing. Our multidisciplinary team of consultants, coaches, lecturers, profilers and therapists, specialise in health, wellbeing and employee engagement strategies that get the results you need.

stress management

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Our Approach

Using a variety of techniques, we’ll work closely with your employees to dramatically improve workplace wellbeing from all angles and drive business performance.

Our tailor-made programmes include a variety of approaches, from physical wellbeing interventions to mental health education and stress management training.

The programmes are designed to be delivered in-house and are highly interactive, allowing group discussion, personal reflection and action planning. We evaluate the effectiveness of all our coaching and training interventions using standardised and validated outcome measurement tools, enabling you to track and effectively report on your return on investment.

The benefits to your business:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Improved motivation and employee engagement
  • Reduced cost of employee turnover (on average £30,000 per employee)
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Decreased workplace injuries
  • Helps attract top talent to the company

Many of our clients choose ongoing stress management packages, while others opt for more targeted bespoke programmes.

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Client experience

Moving offices is often a stress trigger for employees, so when our client approached us because of stress and burnout issues directly after they had moved location, we were well equipped to help them.

We put together a programme of different sessions which were rolled out over a six month period. These included a stress and burnout workshop, physical health check, musculoskeletal health talk, mindfulness workshoprestorative yoga, nutrition talk and advice for how to deal with the commute. We also included a monthly musculoskeletal health clinic which included hands-on treatment for employees who were suffering from neck and back problems as well as teaching them specific exercises to help improve their symptoms in the long-term.

At the end of the six months, we did a thorough evaluation as we do at the end of every programme we carry out. Staff reported a much improved sense of overall wellbeing and calm, and felt much more appreciated by the company.


Our range of stress management interventions includes:

  • [su_expand more_text=”Read more” height=”45″ link_color=”#ff6b00″]Stress Management & Burnout Prevention – interactive workshops and training with several practical exercises to cover the following points: · Recognising stress in yourself and others · Basic physiology of the stress response · Impact of acute and chronic stress on health and wellbeing · Stress in the workplace: impact on concentration, motivation and productivity · Burnout prevention ·Practical tools for dealing with stressful situations and improving resilience.
    These seminars are usually recommended to organisations where employees work to tight deadlines, targets or where other sources of high stress are identified (e.g. dealing with customer complaints etc.). [/su_expand]
  • [su_expand more_text=”Read more” height=”45″ link_color=”#ff6b00″]Nutrition & Wellbeing programme – interactive workshop and/or consultations designed to educate about the relationship between nutrition, cognitive function, digestive health, energy levels and chronic inflammation. The workshop provides practical tools to counteract the effects of chronic stress and unhealthy eating habits, helping improve participants’ focus and productivity, as well as supporting prevention and management of long-term illness and thereby reducing the costs resulting from prolonged sickness-related absenteeism. Consultations can be arranged for individual employees as well as at organisational level (e.g. canteen menu development, etc.).
    Nutritional workshop is particularly recommended to organisations whose workplace wellbeing goal is to improve employees’ energy levels and reduce absenteeism due to chronic health conditions. By encouraging healthier eating habits, this workshop is a very valuable intervention to help prevent employee burnout in highly stressful work environments. One-on-one nutritional consultations might be offered to organisations with high level of obesity and diet-related health problems among employees.  [/su_expand]
  • [su_expand more_text=”Read more” height=”45″ link_color=”#ff6b00″]Musculo-Skeletal Health programme – includes talks and workshops focusing on the link between sitting and standing posture and musculo-skeletal problems, RSI prevention, as well as one-to-one consultations and hands-on treatment. All sessions are designed to teach healthy posture and movement techniques which are clinically proven to reduce and prevent neck and back pain.
    This programme is particularly recommended to organisations whose workplace wellbeing focus is on reducing musculo-skeletal posture-related problems (e.g. back and neck pain) resulting from prolonged sitting down or, in some workplace settings, prolonged standing. DSE work station assessment is also available. [/su_expand]
  • [su_expand height=”45″ link_color=”#ff6b00″]Lunchtime wellbeing talks – a programme of monthly sessions covering a range of topics, including: · Stress management & resilience building · Nutrition for good health & productivity · Musculoskeletal health · Sleep · Time management · Mindfulness.
    Lunchtime talks are an effective way of educating employees about the impact of lifestyle habits on personal wellbeing and work performance. All sessions are interactive, providing a space for discussion and enabling employees to start implementing changes in their work routine and self-care habits. The programme of lunchtime talks is a great choice for organisations which are looking to create a more wellbeing-oriented culture that will ensure better productivity and staff retention.[/su_expand]
  • [su_expand height=”45″ link_color=”#ff6b00″]Mindfulness workshops & courses – from Mindfulness for Stress Management and Mindful Eating courses to Creative Mindfulness workshops, these sessions are designed to introduce different mindfulness-based practices and teach practical tools to help participants develop the ability to be fully present and focused on the here and now. Practising mindfulness has been shown to help individuals respond to pressures of work and home life in a calmer and more productive manner, improve their focus, performance and decision-making, as well as overall wellbeing.
    One-off workshops (Creative Mindfulness or Mindfulness for Stress Management) are frequently included in our workplace wellbeing programmes, and they are also commonly recommended to clients who are looking to organise a wellbeing day or staff away day. Mindfulness courses (Mindfulness for Stress Management or Mindful Eating) are sought by companies who place high value on the wellbeing of their employees, and are committed to making a significant difference to productivity in their workplace and staff retention by investing in their employees’ personal development.[/su_expand]
  • [su_expand height=”45″ link_color=”#ff6b00″]On-Site Massage – a popular stress management intervention in corporate environments, on-site massage is performed in a special chair with the client being fully clothed. Massaging neck, back and arms helps alleviate pain and discomfort in these areas, improve circulation, reduce blood pressure and improve physical and emotional wellbeing. Hand and foot reflexology is also available. On-site massage is a very cost-effective way of improving staff morale, motivation and productivity, making employees feel valued and reducing absenteeism and staff turnover.
    From regular weekly or monthly massage sessions, to one-off wellbeing days, on-site massage is a popular addition to our stress management programmes.[/su_expand]
  • [su_expand height=”45″ link_color=”#ff6b00″]Restorative Yoga – 90 minute long yoga classes run both on- and off-site are usually delivered as a course of 6-8 sessions or on an ongoing weekly/monthly basis. One-off sessions are also available, usually as part of a wellbeing day or  during a particularly stressful period in the organisation (e.g. approaching deadline, redundancies, mergers…).
    Focusing on de-stressing and relaxation, restorative yoga classes are beneficial to body as well as mind, helping to bring focus to the here and now . All equipment (mats, blocks, blankets, and the wonderfully relaxing lavander eye pillows) is provided.
  • [su_expand height=”45″ link_color=”#ff6b00″]Laugh & Play sessions –  offered as part of our wellbeing programmes and Team Building days, laughter sessions are great for team and relationship building, as well as for enhancing creativity and problem solving. Laughter energises, relaxes, calms and connects people. Regular laughter can help us to become more playful and creative in our daily lives and significantly reduces stress. Laughter increases oxygenation in the body, boosts endorphin levels, boosts the immune system and increases our resilience to pain. In fact, laughter produces biochemical changes which are the exact opposite of the changes observed during stress!
    One-off laughter sessions are often recommended to companies who wish to improve communication and camaraderie within the workplace, reduce stress in high-pressure environments, improve creativity of their staff or simply give them the opportunity to have some fun! Weekly laughter sessions might be recommended to organisations who wish to introduce a regular physical activity that will energise and relax employees, improve their health and wellbeing, and be suitable for everyone, regardless of ability or levels of fitness. [/su_expand]
  • [su_expand height=”45″ link_color=”#ff6b00″]Coaching – help your employees better manage challenging work roles, projects or situations through bespoke 1-to-1 and team coaching. Our dynamic approach to coaching with conflict resolution will help boost employee productivity, improve communication and lead to more profitable teams. We work using the most cutting-edge coaching methods, including Wingwave. Read more about our range of Coaching services.

and many others…

Monthly Stress Management Packages

We have a selection of ongoing stress management packages:
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These prices are for guidance only and are based on programmes run for a group of up to 15 employees.
Contact us to obtain a quote for your organisation.


Bespoke Tailor-Made Programmes

Depending on your specific objectives and budget, we can create a bespoke programme to include one or more of our stress management interventions.

Sessions can be organised as part of a wellbeing day/week or modular courses for your staff to attend at a time that is suited to your organisation.


CONTACT US to arrange a FREE Discovery session with one of our team members to discuss your workplace wellbeing needs.