Psychometric Profiling

Understand how employees fit into your culture and how the right balance of personalities can drastically improve team performance through our psychometric profiling service.

Understanding people’s behaviour is vital to workplace wellbeing and productivity. Without the right people, organisations of all sizes cannot perform to their optimum. This understanding helps with effective hiring and also gives you the tools you need to improve existing team dynamics. This insight will allow you to maximise the return on investment for each member of staff, while creating happy, productive teams.

Our personality profiling and training service helps you to better understand your people, establishing the strengths and weaknesses of managers and team members, and finding solutions to any issues. It also helps you to recruit the right people, building effective team dynamics from the offset.

psychometric profiling

Our Approach

Psychometric profiling is the fastest and easiest way to understand what makes people tick. The process employs the DISC personality survey method, an online, tick-box questionnaire that only takes 10 minutes to complete and produces a full written report.

We’ll train you to understand the DISC Personality Survey, which is people-focused and cost effective. After learning the DISC system on a one day course, you’ll be able to administer and interpret the profiles yourself.

This personality survey system can be used to great effect within the following HR disciplines:

  • Recruitment
  • Appraisals
  • Team assessment
  • Team synergy
  • Stress audit

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