Psychometric Profiling

We often hire people for their technical skills but fire them for their personal traits. As an employer you need to know how people fit into your organisation and culture – that includes those working for you now and in the future.

How psychometric profiling benefits organisations

Understanding people’s behaviour is vital to workplace wellbeing and productivity.

In any organisation, regardless of investment in new technologies or equipment, without the right people the company cannot perform to its optimum capacity. But it isn’t enough to merely appoint the right staff, although this is essential. There is also an inherent need to truly understand your employees, in order to ensure placement within the right team environment to complement their skills and personality. How can you do this unless you truly know their skills and personality? This insight allows companies to maximise the return on investment in relation to every member of staff.

Psychometric profiling is the fastest and easiest way to understanding what makes people tick; the DISC personality survey method is people-focused and cost effective.

Our personality profiling and training service provides Chief Executives, Managing Directors, HR and Recruitment Directors with the skills and solutions to understand themselves and their people, and improve the way their teams work together.

employee personality assessment

What is a DISC Personality Survey?

DISC Personality Survey is an online, tick-box questionnaire which only takes 10 minutes to complete and which produces a full written report. Our in-house system gives you the knowledge by learning the DISC system on a one day course, thus enabling you to administer and interpret the profiles yourself.

This personality survey system can be used to great effect within the following HR disciplines:

  • Recruitment
  • Appraisals
  • Team assessment
  • Team synergy
  • Stress audit

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