Case Study 3 – Wellbeing Day

Charity organisation

  • Client: Brighton-based charity organisation tackling homelessness, poverty and marginalisation across Sussex 

  • Sector: NGO

  • Number of employees: 250 

  • Type of workforce: Diverse, ranging from mental health professionals and support workers, to HR and other administrative staff, technical support and volunteers.

  • Workforce demographics: Participants varied in age (age range 19 – 60+ years), with slightly greater prevalence of female workers.

  • Wellbeing objective: To help employees and volunteers manage their stress more effectively, encourage a healthier lifestyle, and to improve and maintain good musculo-skeletal health for better workplace productivity. The programme also aimed to engage staff in new and fun activities in order to strengthen interpersonal relationships within and between the different teams.

Wellbeing Day

Stress in the workplace accounts for 47% of short-term absences and 53% of long-term absences in the UK. This costs businesses considerably in lost time and revenue and is particularly problematic for those in the social sector and non-profit organisations.

A key objective of this bespoke Wellbeing Day was to reduce stress and increase wellbeing and overall staff morale by focusing on creativity and play and encouraging a more cohesive team dynamic.

The wellbeing programme looked at different methods of dealing with work-related stress, and provided employees with stress management and burnout prevention skills, as well as an opportunity to bond over unusual and fun activities. Sessions included mindfulness training, massage workshop, mindful creativity, laugh and play, and educational seminars.

The Wellbeing Day was delivered off-site, as part of a staff conference, and consisted of:

  • Two 45 minute Mindfulness for Stress Management workshops with each session taking up to 25 employees
  • Two 45 minute Mindful Creativity workshops with each session taking 25 employees
  • Two 45 minute Introduction to Massage workshops with each session taking up to 16 employees
  • Two 45 minute Stress Management and Burnout Prevention seminars with each session taking up to 30 employees
  • Two 45-minute Musculo-Skeletal Health talks with each session taking 33 attendees
  • Two 45 minute Nutrition for Good Health and Productivity seminars with each session taking up to 16 employees
  • Two 45 minute Laugh and Play sessions with each taking up to 30 employees

A Wellbeing Day programme like this for an organisation of a similar size would cost around £1,930. All our Wellbeing Days are bespoke and designed around the needs of your business and employees. Discover our full range of packages