First 100 Days Coaching Package

We work with recently promoted managers and new senior employees to uncover and push through personal limitations, producing sustainable, impactful results. Through our first 100 days coaching package, you’ll learn how to set and exceed expectations and really hit the ground running.

Whether you are a recently promoted manager or about to start a new role in a new company, the first few months are critical. There are no second chances. You need to ‘hit the ground running’ as well as set a tone and convey an image that will define who you are and set expectations about what you want to achieve. Our first 100 Days coaching package will help you achieve your best from the offset.

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Our Approach

First 100 Days coaching usually involves one-on-one coaching sessions, although in certain circumstances team sessions may be required.

Our coaching approach is tailor-made and designed around employee and business requirements and is specifically developed to ensure maximum performance, while safe-guarding businesses and helping with long-term staff retention.

This coaching package will help the newly promoted/appointed manager to:

  • Develop a plan for your first 100 days
  • Work on the 10 key challenges necessary to accelerate successful transition into a new role or organisation
  • Build good relationships with key stakeholders – especially line management
  • Identify and deliver 4 to 5 ‘quick wins’ that will generate credibility for you and value for the organisation
  • Convey exactly the appropriate image for the organisational role and your goals

We evaluate the effectiveness of all our coaching interventions using standardised and validated outcome measurement tools, enabling you to accurately track return on your investment.

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Please note that all sessions are confidential and we do not provide feedback to the employer regarding any specific issues that are discussed during the sessions without the express consent of the coachee.

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