Coaching at Work

Get more from your teams, create stronger bonds and better communication, and maximise your potential as a manager.

Our Coaching at Work programme gives team leaders, managers and HR professionals the tools to ensure a high and consistent level of employee wellbeing and productivity. The course applies the latest developments within business coaching and is designed to be instantly applicable. Each segment of the course also includes demonstrations and practical exercises.

coaching skills, training for managers

Our Approach

All our courses put a strong emphasis on procedural learning: rather than lecturing, short introductions are given to each segment, followed by extensive practical work in pairs or threes. Set over four days, the coaching at work training is intensive, interactive and fun.

You will learn how to:

  • Enhance your personal, management and leadership skills
  • Use language that creates and maintains rapport effectively
  • Develop the art of asking key questions
  • Make regular 1-to-1s more productive and enjoyable
  • Effectively apply communication skills to problem solving
  • Deliver feedback in a productive way
  • Mediate a resolution


This is an in-house programme – delivered within your workplace.


Four days – It can be done as two modules course (2 + 2 days over period of one month) or four consecutive days training.


Each delegate will receive a certificate.

Group size

We can accommodate small to medium sized groups – min. 3 / max. 12 delegates.


(from £450 per person)

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