Navigate barriers to professional development and create positive, productive teams. Coaching through conflict resolution will boost employee engagement, making them more effective in their roles and significantly impacting your bottom line.  

Stress can occur when individuals or teams are faced with professional development issues they don’t feel equipped to deal with alone. Such obstacles can significantly impact team growth and efficiency and have a negative effect on employee happiness.

Coaching uses a variety of methods to help teams and individuals better manage challenging work roles, projects or situations. Coaching with conflict resolution works to resolve pressing issues within the team, removing any existing mental blocks and limiting beliefs that might be disrupting the team dynamics. Our dynamic approach includes several cutting-edge individual and group coaching methods, including Wingwave and Team Constellations.

We evaluate the effectiveness of all our programmes using standardised and validated outcome measurement tools, enabling you to effectively demonstrate your return on investment.

Individual and team coaching

Maximising performance of individuals and teams…

Coaching is a creative and thought-provoking process which guides individuals and teams along the path of self-discovery, enabling them to gain more clarity, focus, resilience, and trust in themselves and others. By focusing on professional and personal goals, performance, leadership, challenges and change, we enable individuals and teams to maximise their professional and personal achievements and fulfil their potentials.

The benefits to your business:

  • Increased productivity of individuals and teams
  • Management of stress, change, conflict or crisis on a personal and organisational level
  • Improved focus and clarity
  • More creative outlook in business planning
  • Greater commitment and staff retention

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Our range of 1-to-1 and team coaching programmes includes:

performance coaching… Performance Coaching

Stress, anxiety and lack of focus can severely affect performance, which is particularly important for stage performers, athletes and those in high responsibility positions. Our Peak Performance Coaching programme will help you to handle the demands and pressures placed upon you. Learn how to remain motivated, focused, confident and calm at all times. READ MORE…

executive coaching… Executive Coaching

Enhance your leadership skills, increase sales and profitability, manage your time more effectively and to take your development to the next level. Using proven business, life and performance coaching techniques, we’ll work with you to combat the most pressing challenges you face. READ MORE…


coaching for managers… First 100 Days Coaching Programme

Ensure maximum staff effectiveness within new roles with our First 100 Days coaching programme. Through this programme, newly appointed employees and those who have recently been promoted will learn how to better engage their team, work effectively with their seniors and remain in their position. This will boost productivity in teams and ensure staff retention, reducing the disruption and cost of recruitment. READ MORE…

team coaching… Team Coaching

Build upon your existing team dynamic and develop communication skills to overcome key challenges with our team-coaching programme. Coaching with conflict resolution works to resolve pressing issues within the team, removing any existing mental blocks and limiting beliefs that might be disrupting the team dynamics. READ MORE…


team constellations… Team Constellations

Team Constellations help to create better organisational effectiveness when the source of the issue is not clear. The constellation approach is a powerful way to explore unacknowledged events, patterns and team dynamics. Through facilitated workshops and executive coaching interventions, we work to resolve pressing issues, mental blocks and limiting beliefs, with the aim of improving communication and relations within the team. READ MORE…

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Please note that all sessions are confidential and we do not provide feedback to the company regarding any specific issues that are discussed during the sessions, without the express consent of the coachee.