4th anniversary of Hove StressBusters

Thank you all for coming along last night to celebrate the 4th anniversary of our community stress management programme Hove StressBusters! It was great to take stock of all our activities over the past 12 months and present all the ongoing projects, including the new addition to our programme, the weekly low-cost Stress & Anxiety Support Group.

During the evening we sang, we moved, fed our demons, tapped and got lulled into a hypnotic trance… tackling stress from several different angles! Big thanks to our Hove StressBusters team members Tali Rose, Shirley Archibald, Maya Zack,¬† Philip Milburn and Julie Rawnsley¬† for sharing their stress-busting skills and enthusiasm with the community. By the end of the evening I was so relaxed that I’m not sure how I even managed to do the closing speech!

Hove StressBustersOver the last four years we have helped many people discover how to manage stress more effectively and live happier and more fulfilling lives… and we are on a mission to continue doing so for many years to come!

Have a great October and we all look forward to seeing you at our next event!

For more information about our community stress management programme, visit www.hovestressbusters.co.uk .

If you are a wellbeing practitioner and you’d like to get involved in our programme, please email us: info@hovestressbusters.co.uk.