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Business Development Director

Niko has extensive experience of working in the corporate sector, having held several senior executive and board level positions in international banks. Over the recent years he has moved on to the role of business development consultant working with a variety of startups and established businesses.

In addition to his business development expertise, he is a qualified trainer and coach, specialising in business and performance coaching. Niko has delivered over 500 trainings and workshops before setting out to develop his own coaching and training practice, and co-founding Sussex Wellbeing Company.

Relying on his professional and personal experiences, Niko is in an ideal position to fully understand and help individuals and teams deal with the personal and professional challenges they face, and to help companies develop and implement effective team development strategies for sustained long-term growth and productivity. As an expert in business communication, Niko has designed our training courses for managers, HR and sales professionals, ensuring they contain a set of most effective NLP and coaching tools specifically adapted to the business context.

He was a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster as well as the first certified Wingwave® coach and trainer in the UK. Niko is a member of the Association of NLP (ANLP), International Association of NLP-Institutes (IN-NLP), International Coaching Institutes (ICI) and Society of NLP.