Case Study 1 – Wellbeing Day

Software development company

  • Client: Brighton office of a global computer security software company

  • Sector: IT

  • Number of employees: 40 

  • Type of workforce: Software engineers mainly, with just a few admin staff. 

  • Employee demographics: The majority of employees were male, and aged between 23 and 55. Three employees were partially sighted or blind.  

  • Wellbeing objective: Improve staff morale and provide stress relief during a particularly stressful period leading up to a new product launch.

Wellbeing Day

Stress in the workplace costs the British economy an average of £6.5 billion a year. It is therefore crucial for businesses of all sizes to put stress prevention strategies in place before burnout becomes an issue.

A key objective of this bespoke Wellbeing Day was to reduce stress in the lead-up to a new product launch. It was vital that staff believed the experience to be beneficial and not another strain on their time. As such, we created a programme that would not be too time intensive and would therefore appeal to all staff.

The wellbeing programme focused on providing relief for acute work-related stress, and provided employees with simple and effective mindfulness-based stress management tools that were immediately actionable. All activities that we ran during the Wellbeing Day also needed to be accessible to employees with sight difficulties.

The Wellbeing Day was delivered on-site approximately ten days before the product launch. The programme programme consisted of:

  • Two 60 minute Mindfulness for Stress Management workshops with each session taking up to 20 employees
  • 15 minute head, neck and shoulder massage for each employee

The wellbeing day was a complete success. Fantastic job guys – many thanks!

In total 35 employees attended the Mindfulness session and 36 received a massage (two of them got to receive a massage twice during the day!).

A Wellbeing Day programme like this for an organisation of a similar size would cost around £1,740. All our Wellbeing Days are bespoke and designed around the needs of your business and employees. Discover our full range of packages