Neuro-Differences in the Workplace Awareness Training

Awareness training for managers and HR enabling them to actively take on the challenges of working with neuro-diversity in the workplace.

Around 10% of the population, and therefore your workforce, are dyslexic. The figure is higher if we include other neuro-differences (such as dyspraxia, ADHD and Asperger’s). What’s more, only 1% of middle managers have dyslexia, which shows just how disadvantaged people with neuro-differences are. With statistics like this, aren’t you intrigued about how to harness the power of the hidden disabilities?

The lost productivity of this group could be costly, not to mention the effects of stress, and potential discrimination cases if this group do not receive the correct support.

We believe awareness is great but understanding and experience leads to change. This training, split over two sessions, is a new approach to changing the perceptions and understanding of neuro-differences in the workplace, leading to changes in how you may work with this client group.

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Our Approach

What is different about this approach to other awareness trainings? Through our experience, managers and HR take a lot away from awareness sessions. However, without follow-on development, organisations can find implementing the changes quite challenging.

We have added an extra session beyond the initial awareness to enable your organisation to reflect and come up with ideas on how to implement strategies or changes which can support colleagues more within your organisation.

You will learn about:

  • The diagnostic criteria for dyslexia and dyspraxia and basic awareness of other neuro-differences
  • Recognising some of the typical difficulties in the workplace
  • Exploring some of the strengths of neuro-diversity and implications for your workforce
  • Gaining an overview of the law in relation to neuro-differences
  • Exploring some of your own practises and what you may be able to do the improve these for
    neuro-different individuals


This is an in-house programme – delivered within your workplace.

Training structure

Session 1 – 3 hour long awareness session, covering the following:
What is dyslexia and dyspraxia? · Brief overview of other neuro-differences, challenges and strengths · How are neuro-differences manifested in the workplace? · General guidelines and support · Discrimination and case studies.

2 week break – Opportunity for participants to reflect and consider how they might change what they do.

Session 2 – 1.5 hour long follow-up session, covering the following:
Ideas for support – what processes could you implement to support your colleagues? · Blind spots to be aware of.

Group size

We can accommodate small to medium sized groups – min. 3 / max. 12 delegates.


(from £125 per person)

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Supporting Neuro-Differences in the Workplace

We work with employees with neuro-differences, as well as their employers, to identify ways to maximise their unique working styles and improve communication and understanding. By putting these employees in the driving seat, we discover what works best for them and help to implement learning strategies going forward.