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I teach, coach, facilitate change, improve performance and inspire people in the same way I was inspired by others. I'm just paying it forward! Niko is a fully qualified NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner, business and performance coach and therapist. During his time working within senior executive position in international banking, Niko delivered over 500 trainings and workshops before setting out to develop his own coaching and training practice. As an expert in business communication, Niko designed all of our training courses, ensuring they use the NLP and coaching tools most effective for business.

Mindfulness is steadily gaining popularity as a stress reducing technique among employees and employers alike. It has been shown to significantly reduce workplace stress, frustration and burnout, so you can see why huge corporations such as Apple, Google and Aetna have implemented mindfulness as part of their staff wellbeing programmes. Even some primary schools have started […]

Most of us spend our lives on autopilot. We go through the motions at work, at home, while we eat and even when we interact with those around us. Often, although we are physically present, our minds are elsewhere – ruminating on the past or worrying about the future. In this state, decisions are made, […]

Basic skills which improve and enhance rapport building, communication, and goal setting are all widely used in the world of business, even though the people using them are very often not aware of their NLP origin. And this is just the tip of the NLP iceberg.