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Thank you all for coming along last week to celebrate the 5th anniversary of our community programme Hove StressBusters! It was great to take stock of the different things we’ve done over the last 12 months and present all the ongoing activities. During the evening we laughed and played, got lulled into a hypnotic trance, learned how to let go of negative emotions and beliefs, and how to play with and transform words and concepts… we really tackled stress from several different angles!

It was also great to chat to some of the ‘usual suspects’ as well as many new faces, both at the Cornerstone Centre and afterwards during the post-event drinks at The Hove Place. Thanks to everyone who’s been supporting us during the last 5 years and we very much look forward to the year(s) ahead!

Why StressBusters?

During her introductory talk, StressBusters Programme Director Dr Jelena Goranovic explained the wider social context and the mental health crisis that led to the creation of Hove StressBusters.

We live in stressful times: 26% of adults will at some point receive a mental illness diagnosis, chronic stress (the key factor in the aetiology of mental health problems) is more prevalent than ever, psychotherapy referrals don’t meet the demand, and drugs (mainly antidepressants) are being dished out very unselectively to pretty much anyone who experiences any form of difficulty in life.

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The ailing NHS is investing all that money into TREATMENT but hardly any money is invested in PREVENTION. And even if there was enough investment in prevention and treatment, another massive problem is that different approaches and therapies work for different people, so a system which utilises only a handful of approaches is flawed and bound to be ineffective.

This is where our community programme Hove StressBusters comes in: since 2011 we have been running talk & demonstration evenings presenting a wide variety of wellbeing approaches –  both the scientifically-based and validated techniques, and those that have not yet undergone extensive controlled research. The programme’s main aim is to provide people with different tools and techniques to cope with stress and improve their wellbeing, and to help them discover those wellbeing approaches that work best for them personally.

community wellbeing program in HoveWhat We’ve Been Up To…

As a communication platform for mainstream and alternative wellbeing practitioners, Hove StressBusters strive to present as many diverse approaches as possible. Jelena presented an overview of all the different talks and demonstrations that the group organised over the last 12 months, which was a compelling way to illustrate the eclectic nature of the programme. Ranging from Ayurveda, Body Stress Release and Jin Shin Jyutsu, to Qigong, Craniosacral Therapy and Functional Nutrition, Hove StressBusters audiences have had a chance to learn a variety of practical tools and to gain a deeper understanding of how their body and mind work.

Tackling Stress from Different Angles

Following Jelena’s introduction, we had a chance to experience four very different approaches, each tackling stress from a different angle.

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With the guidance of Maya Zack, hypnotherapist and one of the few Sedona Method practitioners in the UK, we practised freeing ourselves from negative/unhelpful emotions and even physical aches and pains using a ridiculously simple yet powerful Sedona Method.

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Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner Jo Alderson introduced us to Cognitive Hypnotherapy and guided us, using a gentle hypnotic trance, to a place in future where we were free of a particular negative issue (fear, mental block etc.) we’d like to overcome. A very relaxing experience!

coaching, NLP, BrightonAfter the break, NLP Trainer, Performance Coach and REM Induction Therapy co-creator Nikola Goranovic, explored our attachment to words and concepts, and guided us through an NLP-based visualisation procedure called Magic Words, which served the purpose of releasing the emotional grip that certain objects/people have over us.

laughter yoga, Brighton
Finally, Gwyn Lewis from Brighton Laughter Club ended the evening with a fantastically entertaining Laughter Yoga session. The awkwardness of doing a funny dance, singing silly chants or playing childish games lasted only a few minutes and we soon started to giggle and, at times, even howl with laughter.

These four stress-busting segments were a perfect way to illustrate that there are so many ways to achieve the same effect (manage stress), and that it’s all about exploring different approaches to discover the tools that work best for you.

What Next?

Jelena finished off the evening by describing the various sections of the StressBusters community programme, which run in addition to the regular talk & demonstration evenings in Hove and Brighton. These include weekly Qigong classes, monthly Family Constellations and Tension & Trauma Releaxe Exercise (TRE®) workshops, as well as the exclusive Mindful Eating course and Life Strategist – Mindful Self-Development course and workshop (see event calendar for dates and details).

As a birthday present to our community, Hove StressBusters’ practitioners have compiled a list of SPECIAL OFFERS: check out our website for details and feel free to share with your friends (discounts are valid for bookings taken by 31st October).

Since its humble beginnings in 2011, the Hove StressBusters programme has grown in ways we couldn’t possibly have anticipated… and all thanks to the wonderful wellbeing practitioners and audiences who continue to enrich it with their inexhaustible energy, knowledge, skills and inquistive minds, and who are the heart and soul of our community. Over the years we have gathered a very diverse group of practitioners who all share the passion for helping people discover the ways to manage stress more effectively, and live happier and more fulfilling lives. We have also met many lovely people, some of whom have been coming to our events more or less regularly for several years, and whose insights, questions and jokes we’ve come to rely on.

Hove StressBusters We have outgrown the boundaries of Hove and Brighton, and people as far as Worthing, Haywards Heath and Eastbourne have been coming to our events, eager to learn new stress-busting tools and share their enthusiasm, knowledge and views with like-minded individuals. Thanks to everyone who’s been supporting us along the way and we very much look forward to the year ahead!

Have a great October and we all look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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If you are a wellbeing practitioner and you’d like to get involved in our programme, please email us:

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